3 Good Ways to Beat Speeding Tickets

3 Good Ways to Beat Speeding Tickets

If you drive long enough you will eventually have to deal with a speeding ticket in one way or another. Most people just pay the fine and go on about their business. If you feel that you may have been wrongly accused or just think you may get lucky, here are a few points to help you try to avoid having to pay the man.

Be polite and prepared.

This applies to both your encounter with the officer and also your court appearance. When interacting with the officer don’t admit your guilt, but be honest and down to earth with him. And whatever you do, don’t cry. This is the quickest way to get a ticket. Officers have had thousands of sob stories, so instead of finding excuses be polite and have your information ready when he comes up to your window.

If he still gives you the ticket, be prepared and polite for your court appearance. Show up to court on time, be neat, clean and presentable, and be respectful to everyone around. Most of the time if the court can see you have got your act together they will respect you and realize that maybe this was just a one time mistake. This creates sympathy for your case because they can relate to you. Also if you go to the work to go to court and the officer doesn’t show up you are almost a shoe in to get let off of the citation.

Create Reasonable Doubt.

The Judge’s job is to be fair and impartial to both sides, which means he is not always inclined to favor the system. If you can create reasonable doubt in his mind then he is likely to favor you if the conditions are right. There are three good ways to go about doing this. First is to ask the question, “Was the Police officer trained in correctly calibrating his machine?” Believe it or not, most radar machines are not calibrated correctly. It is important to find out when and where the gun was last worked on and calibrated. If it has not been calibrated recently, this is a great way to place doubt in the judge’s mind about the accuracy of the citation.

Next ask, “Does the officer know the proper procedures in handling the radar gun?” Many times officers are slow to remember all of the procedures that are required for proper use of the radar gun. If the officer is at your hearing and has a hard time remembering exact procedures this could turn the tide in your favor. Last of all you should ask, “Were there any traffic or weather conditions that could have caused interference?”

Many times if you can find a good excuse from aggressive driving from another vehicle or weather conditions that could have been dangerous, you can create a scenario in which your speeding is no longer the culprit.

Avoid the ticket in the first place.

This is the best of the 3 Good Ways to Beat Speeding Tickets. Be attentive to your speed, and make sure not to do anything that would make you stand out. Stay out of the fast lane and stay within 5 to 10 mph of the speed limit.

OK. The last one is not really a way to beat a ticket but, hey, if you never get pulled over to begin with, isn’t that even better than having to fight about it?