A Speeding Ticket

A Speeding Ticket

How many times have you been pulled over by the state’s finest? From those accounts, how many times did you get a speeding ticket or other violation? Yes, these can be stressful; and not just from unknowing but from many other factors. It is stressful as well as humiliating and feeling like being on display. But what options do you have regarding the officer and his judgment? There are a book full of tips, rights, and loop holes to get you out of almost any situation. I cannot possibly cover them all and honestly, I have gathered all but from what I’ve learned over the years.

So you see the lights and ask yourself what you would do. Go ahead a play that scenario in your head and ask yourself if it turned out decent. Did it? If your answer was yes then you are above the playing field when negotiating your way out of that nasty speeding ticket. If not, don’t fret too much, I will help you the best that I can. But the best method to favoring the situation towards yourself is your mindset. Be cool, polite, treat the officer how you’d want to be placed in his shoes, and remember every social tip you can remember from elementary school.

Honestly, the absolute best way to get out of a fine is if you prevent it all together. How is this? Luck does and does not play a factor, but it just depends. There are many different products on the market now that are targeted to people trying to avoid a speeding ticket. These products could be films, sprays, covers, radar detectors, and other various legal alternatives. You can’t beat the radar; if you are a fan from a popular myth experimenting show you would certainly know. There are also many illegal products so be aware of you state or districts traffic and vehicle laws. Many products target towards masking the license plate from the camera. These sprays. films, and covers either have the camera pick up light glare and makes the plate unreadable. Some work in daylight, night light, and some of the more expensive ones work for all types of lights. Just follow basic common sense judgment when shopping and also be aware of your local laws.

Speaking of laws, do you know what yours are? If not, did you know that the officer has the same laws and certain policy regarding law enforcement. As such, you should be up on to par as your rights as a citizen, motorist, and other related laws to make sure you all well prepared. Sometimes the best offense is the best defense when dealing with a possible speeding ticket. Now, if you are up to par you would know that sometimes officers go too far. They are trying to make money for their families and more importantly revenue to the department. An employee showing great efficiency is sure to get rewarded, right? The last sentence was more of a personal opinion, but there could be some truth to that. Just remember to display your rights respectfully but sternly, just never be rude.

Keeping all of this in mind remember to always to prevent the ticket, but in any case you always have options. Many people never have to pay up the full amount and, in short, there are loop holes. In almost every circumstance you can take the less expensive route. Personally I would choose the latter because my pockets are still hurting. Always be cool, polite, and diligent and you could worm your way out of an expensive speeding ticket or lesser violations.