Avoid Making These Mistakes While You Fight Speeding Tickets in Court

Avoid Making These Mistakes While You Fight Speeding Tickets in Court

When you get to court to fight your speeding ticket, you don’t want to make these mistakes which can hurt your chances of winning your case.

Mistake 1: Acting arrogant or rude. – You would like to think that a judge is going to attempt to not be biased as he or she will attempt to do. If you come into the court acting overly arrogant and rude, your credibility with the judge will be much less.

Mistake 2: Testifying. – Do whatever you can to not actually testify in court. The point of your testifying is so the prosecution can do what they can to turn the conversation into you admitting that you are guilty of speeding. They are trained and you are not. In some jurisdictions you may be required to testify. Be sure to check beforehand to know if you need to prepare a testimony.

Mistake 3: Falling for prosecutor bait. – Prosecutor’s are trained to make sure that they find breaks in your case. If they can’t find a break, they will try to break you. If they say something that frustrates you, don’t react to it. If they make a mistake about your speed, don’t angrily respond. If they try to make you admit to an excuse to speeding, don’t do so.

Mistake 4: Asking for a jury trial. – The average juror is someone who pays speeding ticket fines when they get them. If they see you trying to fight your ticket, they will most likely, evidence or not, feel that you should have to pay your “fair share” finding you guilty.

Mistake 5: Not having a backup plan. – Have a backup plan that might get you a reduced fine, an alternate punishment like traffic school, or even a donation to charity. The reason for this is because the judge in the moment might consider your alternative as opposed to finding you guilty to the full extent of the law. Giving the judge options give you a chance of avoiding this.