Avoid These Mistakes While Preparing to Defend a Speeding Ticket

Avoid These Mistakes While Preparing to Defend a Speeding Ticket

It’s within your rights to defend yourself in court against speeding tickets. Many times when trying to come up with defense for a ticket there are mistakes made that reduces that chance of winning.

One big mistake that is made in coming up with a speeding ticket defense is believing many of the urban legend or myths that are out there to beat speeding tickets. If you have heard of a way to actually beat a speeding ticket in court, do some research to see if the method actually works. Some examples include radar gun myths, overpaying the fine to keep it off your record, or winning automatically if the cop doesn’t show up.

Do your research for your local jurisdiction. If a defense works in many areas of the country, it doesn’t matter if it doesn’t work where you happen to have received your ticket. Don’t make the mistake of not knowing your local areas laws because they will be unique.

Another mistake when preparing a defense is gathering up too much records and evidence so the prosecution learns that you are really serious about your defense. Most speeding ticket defenses are nothing better than lame excuses and pleading with the judge to let them off the hook. Serious defenses will inquire of certifications. Ask about these when you show up to court not beforehand.

Some examples of certifications to ask about are calibration records on the unit that measured your speed, the cop’s training certification showing that he or she has the proper training for the unit, and the officer’s speedometer records. If asking about these beforehand, then the prosecution might make sure all of these are in line. If your don’t ask, you have more of a chance of winning based on improper certifications.