Beat My Speeding Ticket – Expunging It From Your Records

Beat My Speeding Ticket – Expunging It From Your Records

Getting a speeding ticket really stinks, but if you are asking yourself what the best way to beat my speeding ticket is, then you’ve got the right attitude. Beating a speeding ticket is really not too difficult. You just have to put in a little time and effort to get a good understanding of the strategies and techniques needed to win. It beats paying the average speeding ticket fine of $250 and average insurance premium increase of $1500 over the next 3 years.

In spite of your best efforts, sometimes you just lose the case. Losing your case stinks too, but don’t fret. Read on for a great strategy on how to get the ticket removed from your records, without the hassle of an appeal, so you can still say “I beat my speeding ticket”. It’s called “Expunging the speeding ticket from your record”.

Expungement of your records means the clearing of any information associated with the specific issue. It gets removed and erased from all court systems, law enforcement agencies, and any other agencies. Is that sweet or what?

Expungement is not a legal right. It is a privilege granted by the state.

You’ll need to contact your local court system for guidance or simply look it up on-line. The conditions will vary for each state on how you do it, but it is called a “petition for expungement”.

You’ll need to fill out the paperwork following the directions carefully. Review the rules for expungement to make sure you qualify. This is a government agency, so they will not process your paperwork if there are mistakes. You won’t be able to say, “I beat my speeding ticket”.

Make sure to provide clear and concise reasons why it should be removed from your records, focusing on your good citizenship.

The state will review the request based on the rules. If you are eligible, they will consider expungement based on the reasons you’ve given.

Once your records are expunged, it is if your speeding ticket never happened. You can then legally answer that you did not get this ticket.

This is a great way to answer the question of “how do I beat my speeding ticket” after you lose in court. Generally, expungement is only granted for 1st time offenses, so if you have a lot of tickets, it probably won’t work. You can still use the normal appeals process in court if you are denied an expungement though.