Can You Get Out of a Ticket Because There Are Mistakes on It?

Can You Get Out of a Ticket Because There Are Mistakes on It?

No one likes getting pulled over and given a ticket. It’s always a troublesome situation because you have to deal with either getting the ticket thrown out or paying a fee because you are found guilty. At times you will get a ticket and notice that there are mistakes on this ticket. Can you get out of the charges just because there is a mistake there?

The reality is that some mistakes are things that can help you out while other mistakes will still make the charges stick against you. Find out which ones apply to you.

The smallest mistakes are things that do not matter anymore. These might be mistakes like misspelling your name, writing down the wrong make and model of your car, or not spelling the name of the road correctly. It’s not worth the effort to try to take these mistakes to court to try to get them thrown out. There may have been a point in time that the ticket had to be 100% accurate, but today it’s not true anymore

There are some exceptions that do effect the outcome of the ticket. First of all, you will have a charge on your ticket for what you were pulled over for. There are times where the wrong charge is written down on the ticket. If this is the case, you can take this to court claiming that you were not violating the charge that is on the ticket. While this might not always work, it is worth a try since you are defending that you are not guilty of this specific infraction.

In some jurisdictions, the officer must sign the ticket for it to be allowed in court. If the signature is not there, check and see if it’s valid or not in the place that you live. You might get lucky and find out that it is not.