Can You Really Get Out Of a Speeding Ticket?

Can You Really Get Out Of a Speeding Ticket?

Let me apply a few disclaimers here – I’m not a lawyer I’ve talked to a few in preparing this article who I’m acquaintances with but none of this is legal advice either. After getting a speeding ticket in what was clearly a speeding trap (I was driving down a steep hill and hadn’t sped for long) I’ve concluded that just about every product I read out there that claimed to get your of your speeding ticket were scams.

Here’s my advice for what to do when you get the ticket.

The technology the police use is very advanced. Their radar detectors can actually film you speeding! Don’t dispute what really happened when you get the ticket (you might just have been on camera) or during court (they’ll have better evidence than you).

When you get the ticket – just be polite. Don’t make arrogant statements or confront the officer.

If you establish a good rapport with the officer – politely explain to him why you were in a rush or apologize. You just might get off the hook.

Now once the ticket is a done deal it actually is helpful for you to go to court. A lot of the eBooks I purchased on the subject have these complex explanations on technicalities that will get you out of your speeding ticket but I found the information contained there to be a bunch of nonsense when I researched the issue more.

They claim that you can get out of your speeding ticket if the cops weren’t “certified” in using the radar gun. But none of the states I looked into had any such requirement. My lawyer friend also laughed at the idea. Again, this isn’t legal advice and I’m not a lawyer myself.

What I have learned is that you can lesson the damage of a speeding ticket by going to court. Again, it varies from state to state but I would do the following:

Politely explain to the Judge that you have a good driving record, that you accept full responsibility for the mistakes you made.

Make it clear that you are guilty but that you are asking for leniency.

If you have a clean driving record – then point out it was your first mistake in a long time.

Now in many cases – the police offer doesn’t show up. And if that happens the tickets can be thrown out. In the event that he does show up then the 3 steps I outlined above will more than likely keep the ticket off your record. In some state, it will reduce the fine also.

And honestly – the most effective protection you have is to have a good speed detector!