Contesting a Speeding Ticket in Court – Some Useful Tips You Can Use in Your Favor

Contesting a Speeding Ticket in Court – Some Useful Tips You Can Use in Your Favor

Most of us don’t speed everyday, not even on a regular basis. But all of us speed at one time or another, which leaves us vulnerable to policemen and their radar guns. Contesting a speeding ticket in court almost seems impossible, but in reality, is very achievable using the correct procedures in court. Remember, a judge is not necessarily on the side of the LAW, but on the side of JUSTICE.

Regardless of why you were speeding you definitely don’t want a ticket. Speeding tickets aren’t just a one time fee, they follow you for years! Insurance companies love speeding tickets because they get to tack on costs every month, for about three years! So it’s important to get out of a ticket if you can. Let’s face it, giving out traffic tickets is a “business” for the government. Without contesting a speeding ticket, you are admitting guilt.

And the worst thing you can do is try to appeal to the officer, or judge, by admitting guilt. Saying that you did in fact speed, and you were in fact aware you were speeding is a terrible idea. How can you defend yourself for something you knew was illegal!? So never admit to speeding, ever.

It doesn’t matter if you’re on the street or in the courtroom always be nice to those that are handling your case. Be nice to the cop, the clerk, and the judge. If you have an attitude they are much more likely to make you pay the maximum fine. If a cop has already written a ticket for you, you’re going to receive it, so just handle it until you get to court. Sometimes contesting a speeding ticket in court is your only “outlet”.

Most officers don’t like going to court. So always make your court date. If he doesn’t show, you’re off the hook. Even by being courteous there is a good chance that if you do have to pay a fine it will be dramatically reduced!