Do You Really Need to Pay That Speeding Fine?

Do You Really Need to Pay That Speeding Fine?

When you are caught speeding it can feel like you have no option but to take the fine – or worse, the points. However, what many people don’t realise is that there are plenty of legal ways to get out a of a speeding ticket, and so thousands of people are paying fines they don’t need to pay.

Obviously the court system discourages people from fighting their ticket and so rather than take action, most motorists just pay the fine, the points and the driving course, along with the higher insurance premiums that are sure to follow, and the long term financial impact.

The key to avoiding prosecution is remembering that knowledge is power and by being aware of the correct processes, you can find a loophole. Those in the know- police, court etc- are relying on motorists being ignorant to this, but by asking a professional to help you you remove this ignorance and are back in the driving seat (no pun intended!)

In any motoring offence case the prosecutor’s job is to prove your guilt, and your best chance at winning is to make the case seem weaker- and you’d be surprised what can influence this. Everything, from being polite on the day, to what the weather was like when you were allegedly caught speeding or how many officers were present, can make a huge difference to your case.

This is why employing a professional motoring solicitor is key, as they have the knowledge and experience of how these subtle details can impact on a case. But at least now you know if that flash goes off in your rear view mirror, or a speeding ticket lands on the mat, you don’t just have to take the fine and points!