Fight a Speeding Ticket – Beat a Speeding Fine

Fight a Speeding Ticket – Beat a Speeding Fine

To prepare to beat a speeding ticket, you can do many things. No matter if you are guilty or innocent, be aware of your surroundings, don’t debate with the police officer, arrive to court on time and request them to calibrate their equipment. By following the below guidelines, you will be able to reduce the fine or get out of paying for a ticket altogether.

Be aware of your surroundings

One of the crucial things that needs to be followed to fight a speeding ticket is to notice to what is occurring around you. The moment you think you are being paced by a police officer, take in your surroundings.

Look for the following:

1. Are there other cars around you?

2. What your surroundings look like

3. Are there any signs posted?

4. Where was the policeman when he clocked you?

5. What was the weather like?

You want to be as underhanded and meticulous about this as possible. Keep something to write with in your car and record everything down.

Memorize this spot to come back to it. You will want to take pictures and measure distances.

Don’t Harass the Police Officer

You don’t want to fight with the police officer about the ticket. Remember that they are only doing their job. Your argument should be saved for the judge. If you get stopped you want to be totally “forgettable”. When the policeman stops you, pull over as slowly and nonhazardously as possible, switch your dome light on if it is dark and put your hands where the policeman can see them. Only look for or produce your drivers license or insurance when asked to do so. Be kind and courteous to the degree that you appear to suck up to them. Policemen often make notes on the back of their copy of the ticket to assist them in remembering the circumstances around your incident. When you go to court, the less he remembers about you the better.

Good Court Behavior

You have two options when you receive your ticket,. They want you to just pay the fine. They don’t want you to go to court and clog up the system and hopefully get off. But if you want to beat your speeding ticket, you have to appear before a judge. When they ask you how you are pleading, every time say “not guilty”. Saying this doesn’t mean that you didn’t speed, it only means that they have to prove you are guilty. Don’t let them convict you so easily.

Equipment Test

Requesting the policeman to show the radar gun that was utilized along with the document that states when the device was last synchronized is one of the best ways to fight a speeding ticket and have it dismissed. Policemen are know for not having the precise radar gun with them or the documents that shows when the device was synchronized.

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