Fighting a Speeding Ticket in Court – Fight it Before the Costs Add Up

Fighting a Speeding Ticket in Court – Fight it Before the Costs Add Up

Avoiding a traffic ticket is an important skill that most of us could stand to learn. Cops don’t necessarily care why we were speeding, they’re just doing their job by catching us. There are ways of fighting a speeding ticket in court. And they don’t involve anything illegal or dangerous, just some common sense.

Do you have any idea what the repercussions of a speeding ticket can be? Especially if you’ve had more than one? Your insurance company is going to take you to the cleaners!

The money you fork out for the ticket is what? Somewhere around two hundred dollars? Well, once your insurance company finds out about it they consider you more of a “risk” so they raise your premium $20 a month, for about three years. What’s the total cost of your ticket?

$ 20

x 36 (3 years x 12 months)

= $ 720

And then you add in the original cost of the ticket (roughly around $175).

So, its’ going to cost you about $895 dollars for getting pulled over for speeding that one time. Fabulous! As if you didn’t have anything else to worry about. No Christmas presents this year kids, Sorry!

Do yourself a favor and be prepared for court. If you’ve already got the ticket in hand there is no point in getting upset, it’s just going to make things harder for you in the long run. There are certain things you’re entitled to ask for such as: information on the radar gun used, calibration, and the maintenance records.

If the gun wasn’t properly calibrated then fighting a speeding ticket in court will be easy, but you’ll have to prove it. In some states/counties if the gun hasn’t been serviced in a certain amount of time the radar evidence is not admissible in court. So be sure and check your local laws before barging into court and making demands.

One other thing that will work in your favor is a dismissal, because the officer doesn’t show up. It’s pretty hard to defend a ticket when the officer is busy, so you must always (and I mean always!) show up to court. Also, if you’ve asked for materials and maintenance records the cop is going to be so frustrated he might not show up at all. They’re looking for an easy way to get their money, remember that. They don’t want fighting a speeding ticket in court to be any type of option for you.