Fighting Speeding Tickets – Why and How?

Fighting Speeding Tickets – Why and How?

Imagine being dragged over and issued a ticket for absolutely no fault of yours. Most people would curse their luck, pay their fine and resume with their work without making a fuss about it. These are people who are ignorant of their rights. Fighting speeding tickets is undoubtedly legal and there are ways of beating speeding ticket and saving your money.

To overcome cash deficit, many governments are now resorting to raise money by slapping fines on speeding drivers. This is one way of increasing their revenue. If you are confident that there was no mistake from your end and you think it is worth battling for, then fighting speeding tickets should be a fine idea. Under usual circumstances, when you get a ticket, you have to pay a dear fine and also end up with demerit points against your driving record. Your insurance company may increase the rates of your premiums, branding you as a high risk driver. Sometimes, it may also result in the cancellation of your policy.

If you believe that you were wrongly penalised, you may want to strongly consider fighting speeding tickets. Sometimes, the police officer could have been at fault by relying on an incorrect recording. Also, due to unfavourable weather and road conditions, you could have exceeded the speed restrictions. Mechanical related issues could have come in the way of your speed reading or the officer’s radar may have been faulty. These circumstances could have resulted in a faulty ticket.

If you want to prove your innocence and defend yourself in court, it is a wise idea to consult a lawyer who is an expert at fighting speeding tickets. Obviously, you will need sufficient evidence to prove your point. This could be in the form of witness statements, a copy of ticket issued, the officer’s ID number and pictures of the area to indicate road signs, power lines and other conditions that prevailed. You could also provide a diagrammatic representation of the circumstances and positions of various parties involved. It is crucial to be aware of the fact that radar reading could be disrupted because of power lines, stations and other vehicles. This could help you to subpoena the radar apparatus.

If you think you have a winning case on your hands, take the services of a specialized lawyer in fighting speeding tickets. Standing up in court to beat speeding ticket may well save your money.