Fighting Your Speeding Ticket: How to Do It

Fighting Your Speeding Ticket: How to Do It

When most people get a speeding ticket, they grumble about it for a few days and then pay it. Some may go to driving school to have the points removed from their license. For most, this is where it ends. However, did you know that you don’t have to take your fine lying down? You have the option of appearing in court to contest the charge. Even if you can’t get the fine dismissed entirely, you may be able to have the charges lessened, resulting in a smaller fine and reduced points on your license. Here is how you can fight your citation.

Announce Your Intentions

In some states, all you need to do to fight your speeding ticket is show up in court on the day designated on the citation. In others, you will need to tick the box on the citation and mail it in, announcing your intention to show up and contest the infraction. If you live in one of the latter states, make sure you do this.


In some cases, it may be worth your while to at least consult with a lawyer specializing in traffic law before moving forward with your case. If the primary reason behind contesting the infraction is to avoid paying the fine, you’ll need to judge how much money you’ll be saving, considering that you’ll have to take the lawyer’s fees into account. If you are facing the possible loss of your license, your job, or an astronomical rise in your insurance rates, however, you will definitely want to think about hiring legal counsel. Don’t let a speeding ticket ruin your life.

Show Respect for the Court

Want to stand out (in a good way) when you go to court? Show some respect. On the day of your case, you’ll probably be one of many going before the judge for one traffic-related reason or another. Take a look around and you’ll notice that most people show disrespect for the system by appearing in their grubs. You’re not going to Walmart. Dress nicely for the occasion. A suit would not be out of order. Show up early. If you aren’t there when your case is called, you probably aren’t going to get a second chance.

Make Your Case

If you’re going to fight your speeding ticket, you need to come in prepared with evidence to show your lack of guilt. That doesn’t mean you need to come with exhibits and witnesses, but you need to have some kind of argument for the judge to consider. If you have nothing better to say than, “It’s not fair,” you’re probably not going to be successful.