Got a Speeding Ticket – You Can Fight it Yourself

Got a Speeding Ticket – You Can Fight it Yourself

Getting a speeding ticket sucks!

Believe me I know… I recently got a speeding ticket (79 mph in a 65 mph zone) and decided to just pay the ticket and not fight it.

Big mistake!

First I had to pay the fine and court costs, which was over $250! And as if that was not bad enough. My insurance renewed a little over a month later, and they hit me with BIG rate increase. And my ticket wasn’t even a reckless driving ticket!

So I was mad and started complaining to a good friend of mine about how much this one ticket is going to end up costing me and he asked me why I fight the ticket? To be honest… I never even thought about fighting my ticket.

I guess like a lot of people, I just figured that there was nothing I could do. But then he told me that he has had several speeding tickets in the past and is gotten off of every one of them. In fact, he told me that – Over 50% of people that fight their speeding tickets get them thrown out. And those are the people that don’t even know what they’re doing. So, you have a pretty good chance of beating your ticket in court if he simply fight it

Then he gave me a few tips to use the next time I got pulled over that would give me a better chance in court:

1. Pull over as quickly as possible and keep your hands visible at all times

Traffic stops are one of the most dangerous parts of police officers job so make sure that he (or she) feels as comfortable as possible

2. Never admit to the officer that you were speeding

You should never admit to the officer that you are going over the speed limit. You should just be very quiet and answer his or hers questions politely. (The whole point is to be as forgettable as possible)

3. Don’t use excuses

The officer had heard every excuse in the book, so it will do you no good using excuses. The only thing you’ll accomplish is annoying, the officer.