Got the Speeding Ticket Blues?

Got the Speeding Ticket Blues?

If you’re down in the dumps due to a recent speeding ticket, did you know there are ways to fight it and regain your happiness? The first and most important thing you’ve got to remember is that just because you got it, doesn’t necessarily mean you deserved it. There are plenty of cases where the interpretations of a police officer were unfounded. What you need is evidence to convince the judge your view is right.

Here are 7 effective ways you can get evidence and fight back:

1. Challenge the police officer’s interpretations of the offense. After all, it’s his view against the truth. Not that he’s trying to deceive anyone, but even the most credible officers make mistakes. You can point out to the judge you don’t think the officer was in the best spot to really determine if you were in the wrong.

2. Challenge what the officer said he saw. Make sure all versions of the facts are correct from both his and your point of view. Your case is only as good as what the judge really believes happened after hearing both sides. He will most likely side with the man in blue rather than you unless you can cast real believable doubt on how the officer saw the offense.

3. Get witness statements, either from bystanders or passengers or bystanders, who will agree your version is the right one.

4. Make a diagram. Include a detailed description of your car as well as the officer’s car in conjunction with other objects such as traffic signals, signs, intersections, etc.

5. Take photos. Road conditions, traffic signs, intersections can be vitally helpful to back up your case.

6. Anything else useful to cast a shadow of doubt on the officer’s point of view versus yours. Tip: If there is anything, a sign, person or another vehicle, which could have possibly obscured his vision, be sure to bring this to light before the judge. It’s the point of doubt you’re attempting to create which could sway the verdict to your benefit.

7. Try to prove there were circumstances beyond your control. If you can show you weren’t attempting to break the law, but you were indeed trying to avoid an accident of any kind, this will be very helpful. Most likely your case will be dismissed if this is found to be true.

Often speeding tickets are given even though road conditions are not the best. Signs do get knocked down and road markings fade. Just remember – if you have presence of mind if you get pulled over and write down all the details, you will help your case from the very onset and not leave anything to misinterpretation from anyone.

Two old and tried clich?�s are – “The best offense is a good defense.” Your best defense in cases like this is to take pictures. And, “A picture is worth a thousand words.” Don’t let the speeding ticket blues get you down. Fight back!