Have You Ever Received a Speeding Ticket?

Have You Ever Received a Speeding Ticket?

Did you know that almost 35 million people receive traffic tickets for speeding offences in a year and less than five percent are actually contested? Some of them are dismissed, however in the majority of cases people have to deal with the fines and other plea bargain agreements related to speeding tickets. When you get a speeding ticket, it is not just the fine (money) that you have to worry about but also the hike in the insurance premiums.

Is contesting a speeding ticket feasible? Well, research has shown that of the people who chose to contest their speeding tickets, around 60% won their cases. Many of these cases were won due to the lack of the prosecution or the officer in charge being present. Inability to prove the charges was another reason why speeding ticket cases went in favor of the accused. This demonstrates the feasibility of contesting the tickets.

It is important that you read through the traffic rulebook of every state. Most traffic laws are constantly changing and you should insure that you are aware of the current laws of your state.

What should you do when you have received a speeding ticket? Well firstly when the officer stops and approaches you for speeding, he would ask two questions. He would want to know if you understand why you were stopped and how fast you were going. Do not admit to anything simply give the officer your driver’s license and proof of insurance. It is advisable not to ever give the officer permission to search the vehicle.

Once the officer starts writing the citation, note down details that will help you in the defense process for your day in court. This includes the location where you were stopped and the distance where you supposedly violated the speeding rule, the passengers present, the weather conditions and other distinctive details of your car. Taking note of the traffic conditions and the things that the officer said during the stop is essential. Once the citation is prepared before you sign it if you have our Life Events Legal Plan you may want to call your provider law firm to ensure that by signing the ticket you’re not admitting any guilt.

With the citation in hand, you now have the option to fight, pay or plea. The most common reasons for fighting the case is when you cannot afford the fine, do not want points on your license or you do not want a ticket on your record. In addition you can plead guilty, guilty with explanation, nolo or not guilty for a traffic citation. If the prosecution is absent then there’s a possibility the motion rules in your favor.

Taking legal help (your Attorney) with you to court after having received a speeding ticket will allow you to present your case much better. In cases where a jail sentence is a possibility such as driving on suspended license that you were unaware of or an actual accident, then it is imperative to take your Attorney with you. Click on the link below to understand how signing up for our life events legal insurance plan for residents in the USA and Canada can provide you with a safety net for dealing with legal issues 24/7. No need to search for an attorney in the yellow pages or on the net nor worry about how you are going to afford him. With our legal life events plans you can have complete peace of mind that you have a competent attorney on your side. Click Here!