Help From A Speeding Ticket Lawyer

Help From A Speeding Ticket Lawyer

A speeding ticket lawyer is a legal professional who practices law and focuses mostly on vehicular traffic infraction and other crimes related to this particular offense. This is an important matter because many people who commit this may overlook this and take it for granted or forget about it. If this happens, the crime may become a bigger issue. An attorney who specializes in this particular field is specially trained and educated to defend his client for charges associated with this offense.

Several Options

There are several options that a speeding ticket lawyer can give his client. Several general defenses for this charge include refuting the speed that the police officer stated, moving above the speed limit but conditions warranted it and moving above the limit due to an emergency situation. If these defenses are presented, several evidences need to be presented to support the claims. The legal professional needs to establish that the need to move above the limit was there during the time. There is also such a thing as a presumed and absolute speed limit. With the former, it means that the individual who was driving has driven above the limit and he needs to prove that he was moving at a safe speed. In the absolute state, the speeding ticket lawyer has to defend a person who has actually driven above it even though it was just one mile over the limit.

Other defenses may include a defense against the radar or the laser gun used to establish the speed of the moving vehicle. These are, but not limited to, the radar picking up another vehicle and its speed, the radar picked up a reflective surface or something that interfered with it and that the laser gun was not accurate in measuring the speed of the vehicle that committed the offense. Radar s may be easier to disprove that laser guns because there are a lot of possibilities that it was not accurate. A different car may have intercepted the signal or metal signs may have done it. The maintenance and accuracy of the device used can also affect the results when it is used. The move to subpoena the records showing the maintenance of the gadget needs a legal counsel’s input and ability to do so. Lasers are usually more accurate and it may need technical witnesses to prove that there was a mistake or a glitch with the gun used. The speed ticket lawyer shall have to employ the services of witnesses who are well informed with these gadgets in order to provide a very good defense for his client.

These are just a few of the possible options that an attorney of this particular field might present to his client. Other more complex and uncommon defenses might also be thought of depending on the circumstances.