How Do I Beat a Speeding Ticket? Some Techniques You Can Use That Might Get You Off the Hook

How Do I Beat a Speeding Ticket? Some Techniques You Can Use That Might Get You Off the Hook

So you’ve just been pulled over by a Police officer that radar gunned you going ( supposedly ) 10 miles over the speed limit.  But the last sign you read said 65 MPH?  How could this be?  You are an honest citizen who NEVER would break the law! ( on purpose anyway )  The first thing that is popping into your head at that moment is… “Oh man,  I’m in BIG trouble!”  But far in the back of your head you are wondering.. “How do I BEAT a speeding ticket?”  You realize that this is not possible,  and you give the officer over all your information, admitting your guilt.  But are you really guilty?  The government would LOVE to have you believe all this and collect their money.  But you don’t NEED higher insurance and the expense of that ticket.  So you NEED to find out the answer, “How DO I beat a speeding ticket?”.

First of all,  there is no need to panic. Beating the speeding ticket may not be possible,  but it WILL be highly improbable if you just GIVE IN,  so don’t!  The first question the officer will ask you is “Do you know why I pulled you over?”  Your very first response should be “No officer,  I don’t.”  Rule #1 is to never admit guilt,  this will get you more respect from the officer and he MAY just decide to give you a warning,  you never can tell.

But if that doesn’t happen,  when the officer asks you for your Drivers License kindly reply ” Can I reach for it Sir?”  This will show him that you are compliant and respectful, and most importantly that you aren’t carrying a gun on you.  It’s also very important that you take note of your surroundings.  If you have a paper and pencil on you,  write down any information you can including: 

weather conditions

patrol car register #

speed equipment used

condition of your car

general things that are happening around you