How Do I Fight a Speeding Ticket? Three Possible Ways to Create Doubt in the Mind of a Judge

How Do I Fight a Speeding Ticket? Three Possible Ways to Create Doubt in the Mind of a Judge

It happens all the time.  An officer is sitting there,  on the corner of the road ( practically hiding ) and moves that radar gun across your vehicle.  That’s it,  you’re busted!  Or at least thats what you think.  It’s time to give him all of your information,  drivers license and registration.  Oh,  and don’t forget about the heavy fines and insurance premium increases.  But in the back of your mind,  you’ve always been wondering,  “How do I fight a speeding ticket and win? “

It’s the question that’s been passed upon for years and years.  We’ve always been programmed to obey the law and just “do as they tell us”.  So,  in essence,  we just accept the fine and move along on our very way.  It affects us slowly throughout the rest of the year until our driving record is finally cleared up again.  “Oh well,” we say, ” You can’t beat the LAW! ”  Right?  

Wrong!!  Sometimes people’s lack of knowledge can be their biggest downfall in life.  And fighting the LAW  is one of those things that government has ALWAYS stressed that you can’t do and win.  So the question arises, ” Just exactly how do I fight a speeding ticket if I have to fight the SYSTEM?”  Well, believe it or not,  the Judge is not ALWAYS in favor of the SYSTEM.  His job is to be FAIR and IMPARTIAL to both sides.  This is where a thing called “creating reasonable doubt” comes into play.

Creating reasonable doubt in the mind of a Judge or Jury just may be the answer to the question “How do I fight a speeding ticket and expect to win?”  Possible ways of creating reasonable doubt could be to ask these 3 following questions:

1.  Was the Police officer trained in correctly calibrating his machine?

2.  Does the officer know the proper procedures in handling the radar gun?

3.  Were there any certain weather or traffic conditions that could have caused interference?

The majority of people do not even bother to try and answer the question, “How do I fight a speeding ticket and win?”  They automatically assume that they are at fault and give in.  The American Constitution was written to serve everyone as equal, and there are “loopholes” in the law.  And when you give up your rights,  you might as well just GIVE IN.  This would be recommended for people wanting to:

* Pay extremely high traffic ticket fines

* Experience even higher insurance rate increases

* Just “live” with additional points added to their driving record

I’m not sure about You,  but I prefer the results of FIGHTING and WINNING!