How Going to Traffic Courts For Tickets Can Hurt You

How Going to Traffic Courts For Tickets Can Hurt You

Whenever you get a speeding ticket or other violation on the road generally you pay the ticket or you go to court. Paying the ticket gives no opportunity to fight the ticket at all as you are admitting guilt and moving on with the issue. Fighting a ticket in court in many circumstances can actually help because many tickets when fought properly are reduced to a lower offense and even thrown out. But are there situations what going to traffic court can actually hurt you?

The first way to hurt yourself by going to traffic court involves you being careless with your choice of words. You might have a nice defense, but you can blow it by admitting guilt in the courtroom. An excuse as to why you did whatever infraction is not a defense. This poor word choice will get you the full fine on the ticket along with any other negatives associated with that infraction.

Another way to hurt yourself by choosing to go to traffic court is by forgetting and not going. If you use your right to go to court, then you are legally obligated to show up at that court at the appropriate time. If you do not show up, then the judge can actually issue a bench warrant for your arrest. This means that any officer can run your license or license plates and find that you need to be arrested.

If for some reason, you forgot about the court date it’s best to get this taken care of as soon as possible.

Going to court and fighting tickets is very helpful, but only if you actually plan on showing up. Otherwise it’s going to hurt you.