How to Beat a Speeding Ticket

How to Beat a Speeding Ticket

There are a lot of pointers and secrets that people will tell you about how to beat a speeding ticket. Indeed, every friend’s story that you hear about their victory over a speeding ticket is different! So, when you are slapped with a ticket yourself, you are in a quandary… you don’t know which method to adopt-should you become the foolish, ignorant tourist who cannot read the road signs, or should you become the priest’s representative who is rushing somewhere to hear one of their flock’s dying confession?

There are so many approaches that you can take, but let us start off with the things that you should absolutely not do…

Do not admit that you were guilty! Remember that anything you say on the road becomes admissible by the officer in court. You have the right to stay mum, or act stupid, or whatever. That works, but not saying that you knowingly crossed the speed limit!

Do not argue with the officer. Do not give them an angry look. Do not mutter under your breath indicating that you are oh-so-important and this tuppence officer has stopped in your world-changing routine. The more imposing you act, the more there are chances that the officer will penalize you.

Do not do anything in fact that may make this little road show memorable. If they are bent on giving you a ticket, take it and just get going. We’ll see what you can do in court.

And, here are the things you should do…

Remember everything about the road. What was the condition of the traffic? Was the weather bad? (You can say you were speeding home to escape a hurricane that you thought was coming) What was the work you were going for?

See if there was the speed limit properly mentioned on the road. If there was a speed limit and it was several feet away from where you are caught, then you might have a solution there. Check out your state laws about the range of the speed limit signage.

Try to delay the hearing! Yes, this works. You could give excuses to postpone the hearing as much as possible. During the hearing, it is necessary that the officer who served you the ticket should be present. Now, if you delay the hearing, it is possible that the officer will completely forget about you (that is one more reason why you should not fight on the road or do anything conspicuous) and it is also possible that the officer may be transferred out of the region or something. So, keep delaying as much as you can.

These are various ways in which you can beat a speeding ticket. A speeding ticket is not the end of the world, but it is best avoided. Hopefully, these tricks will help you wrangle out of it.