How to Beat That Speeding Ticket Without an Expensive Lawyer

How to Beat That Speeding Ticket Without an Expensive Lawyer

Picture this Scenario: You’re normally a law abiding citizen. But it’s one of those days and you are running late to that appointment. You get clocked for doing 50 in a 40 mile zone and now you have a $250 Speeding ticket. Yes you can and should Beat that Speeding Ticket.

You could hire an Attorney and pay $100 an Hour or more and have him fight the ticket for you. You can pay the Ticket which will cost you $200 or more or you can go to court yourself and beat that ticket. It’s not really hard to do if you know what to say and do when you appear before the judge in Traffic court.

The cost of the Ticket will go well beyond the initial amount of Money you pay in traffic court. It can often result in a 10% or more increase per year (for up to 5 years) in your car insurance premiums. Just one ticket can cost $500 or more in additional insurance premiums If you happen to hit an unlucky streak and get additional tickets or an at fault accident you car insurance cost can and will soar even more.

If you received a speeding ticket you were either clocked by a radar gun or a speedometer in a Police Officer’s car. Either way you can beat the speeding ticket by challenging the accuracy of the device used to catch you speeding. The police officer has an obligation to prove that the devices were not only working properly at the time but also demonstrate that he used these devices in the prescribed way.

Most jurisdictions count on the fact that most people won’t try beat the speeding ticket so they are not prepared to meet the burden of proof that is required by the courts to find you guilty of speeding. The bottom line is if you follow a simple step by step blueprint you can beat the speeding ticket.