How To Beat Traffic Tickets

How To Beat Traffic Tickets


Hello Friends,

I’m glad you made it to this article. I am going to tell you inside secrets that at one time were only available to law enforcement, mainly officer and judges. The secrets were how to beat your traffic ticket.

I was a Arizona State Department Trooper for over 20 years. In my time as an officer, I learned how to write traffic tickets, but never felt good about writing them. I wanted to help people and this was not accomplishing this. I was told by my department to to write more tickets, so I retired versus writing more tickets. Now I’m going to reveal several ways to beat traffic tickets in this article so you have a chance in court.

1) When you are pulled over, make sure you pull over to a safe spot for you and the officer. Place your hands on the steering wheel and don’t make any movements until directed by the officer when he walks up to your car. Only grab your documents when directed to do so. Be polite to the officer and hand the officer your documents when instructed. Important, be sure to have driver’s license, registration and proof of insurance ready in advance before ever leaving home.

If you have your documents ready to go, this will lower the officer’s apprehension of you being a bad guy. Never admit guilt to the officer, but tell him you are willing to cooperate. The officer is wired up and will use this in court if you admit guilt. Ask the officer if he would consider giving you a break if you are guilty of violation and that you are a law abiding citizen. Be polite with the officer because he is not use to this courtesy. It weighs on the officer to write you a ticket so being polite will weigh on his conscience. This should get you out of a ticket 90% of the time.

2) If you do get ticketed, still show kindness because the officer still may change his mind at get it dismissed prior to court. Without admitting guilt, ask the officer is there a defensive driving program in his traffic court jurisdiction. The officer may have program information in his patrol car that he can give you with all the contact information. Defensive driving is a class designed to make you a better driver. If you take this class, the courts will dismiss the ticket and never report it to the insurance companies so your rates don’t go up. Should you choose not to take defensive driving, go to step number three.

3) Have you court postponed several times. You can call the court and ask them to have them move your court date several times. What this does is get the officer to forget he has court and not show up. If the officer is a no show, you win! If you like these tips go to my website listed in the resource box. You will get plenty more tips and advice to “beat your traffic ticket”!

Best, Retired AZ State Trooper,

From: Retired Officer Gabe Gaona