How to Choose the Best Speed Camera Detector for Your Specific Needs

How to Choose the Best Speed Camera Detector for Your Specific Needs

Many people are asking the question “Which speed camera detector is the best?” Now, this is a good question to start with, but the problem is that there is no one right answer.

Instead of asking “Which one is best?” you should really be asking “Which speed camera detector is the best for my specific needs?” Since you are the person who is going to be using the detector, it is irrelevant which device your neighbor, dad, or girlfriend is using. Their needs may be different from yours. Of course it is always fine to ask around and get some recommendations from your friends, but this does not mean you should rush out and buy the exact same model! You should think very carefully before making the important decision about which speed camera detector is best for you.

Now, you can make your decision easier and narrow things down by asking two smart questions.

1. Where do you live?

When doing research on the internet to find the best product for you, it’s easy to forget one important thing. The internet does not always know which country you are from! The rules and regulations around speeding camera detectors vary from place to state. If you are located in the United States of America, then even the state in which you reside will have an impact on which speed camera detector is best for you, keeping the law in mind. So, always filter your search results. You can do this by going to Google’s Advanced Search options and choosing to only show results from your country. This way you will not fall in love with a speed camera detector that is not available near your home or is perhaps banned.

2. Do You Want Portable or Built-In?

This does not need to be decided immediately but it’s another important aspect to keep in mind as you are doing your research and shopping around. There is a big difference between these two types of speed camera detectors.

Ultimately the choice between a portable radar detector and a built-in unit comes down to your own personal taste. Each types has certain pluses and minuses. You are probably wondering, how about the performance? Well, usually you will find no noticeable difference between the two.

A portable radar detector must be attached to a cable and plugged into your vehicle’s cigarette lighter, or less often, may have a power cable that’s hard-wired straight into the car’s electrical power. The big advantages of a portable radar detector is of course that you can easily and quickly move it to a different car. This is great for people who have multiple cars or who use rental cars frequently. Plus, it doesn’t have to be installed. On the other hand, anyone walking by your car can see the unit and this could make you a target for theft.

Now with a built-in radar detector you have the benefit that the unit can’t be seen from outside. Some models are said to be superior when it comes to detecting laser and mobile speed cameras – you will need to research this depending on the brands you’re looking at.