How to Deal With Speeding Tickets, Or Get Out of Them

How to Deal With Speeding Tickets, Or Get Out of Them

You have just gotten a speeding ticket, what do you do now?

The only option from here is to challenge the ticket and go to court. Is going to court the best option or should you just pay it? Let look at the pros and cons.

If you pay the ticket that is the first cost, then you will have increases in your insurance rates, possible loss of points on your license and the blemish on your driving record. If you choose to go to court the worst that will happen is the same as paying the ticket and the other items listed above, however if you are successful you may get the ticket dismissed. How do you challenge the ticket and get it dismissed.

There are no guarantees that the ticket will be dismissed, however there are steps and actions that you can take that will significantly increase the odds. If you use the legal system to your advantage and take advantage of the case load as well under prepared prosecutors you could get the ticket dismissed on a technicality. The first and best option is to request that the ticketing police officer attend court. In many cases if the ticketing officer does not turn up the case will be dismissed. If he/she does appear you will need to be prepared to discuss the method they used to determine you were speeding, such as radar, laser or a pace car speedometer. All three of these tools must be calibrated regularly (generally in the last 6 months) with documentation. In addition the calibration items must also be calibrated with documentation. If the prosecutor cannot provide in court, records of calibration for the specific device used to prove you were speeding, the evidence they have can be questioned.

The ticket will indicate a specific speed you are charged for, as long as you do not say anything in court to allow them to change the charge you are in good shape. You never want to question the integrity of the police officer, what you are trying to do is break the chain of evidence, once that happens the ticket will likely get dismissed.