How To Fight Speeding Ticket Charges – It’s Court Day, Are You Ready?

How To Fight Speeding Ticket Charges – It’s Court Day, Are You Ready?

Are you trying to figure out how to fight speeding ticket charges, but don’t know where to start? Was that ticket the final straw to an already bad day. Does the thought of going to court to fight a speeding ticket seem like something that you’d never think you could do? Hate the thought of rolling over and paying the fine and the average $1500 extra insurance premium over the next 3 years that speeding tickets cost? If you are ready to go to court, then read on!

It’s Court Day. You need to know how to fight speeding ticket charges?

Dress formally. Wear a suit or at least a tie if a man and business attire if a woman. First impressions count in court.

Be polite, respectful, and always respond with courtesy. If you are jerk, you’ll be found guilty pretty quickly.

The judge is very lenient with non lawyers in court and will actually help you along if you are well dressed and respectful.

Remember, you are innocent until proven guilty.

Your case is called up. Take a deep breath and remember, it is only a job for them. You are ready because you know how to fight speeding ticket charges against you now.

If the officer doesn’t show up, politely ask for the case to be dismissed. If they don’t, be insistent that you don’t have time to come back to court. They will likely agree.

Otherwise, listen carefully and without emotions to the officer’s testimony. Don’t make faces of any kind and take detailed notes. If they offer any opinions rather than just facts, immediately object.

Now it is your turn. Cross examine the officer calmly using the detailed notes you’ve put together that supports your strategies. Emphasize discrepancies in the officer’s testimony, based your notes.

Try to establish that the officer doesn’t really remember that day. Ask him what color shirt, shoes, and pants you were wearing. Were you wearing glasses?

Present your well memorized narrative that supports your strategy. Introduce pictures, drawings, and information you’ve collected during discovery. Have an outline to make sure you cover all points.

If you have witnesses that can support your case, call them now.

DO NOT call yourself as a witness onto the stands under any circumstances. For the inexperienced, this is almost a guarantee that you’ll lose. The prosecutor is experienced and will head off any strategy you’ve developed for how to fight speeding ticket charges.

Present your brief closing statement if you are allowed to do so.

The judge will render their decision shortly afterwards.