Knowing Your Rights When Pulled Over – How This Can Effect Your Speeding Ticket

Knowing Your Rights When Pulled Over – How This Can Effect Your Speeding Ticket

Many times the average citizen is intimidated by police officers. When pulled over, many people have anxiety and don’t want to cause any problems. Many times the individuals has the right to say no to the officer but does not do so because they are scared, ignorant of their rights, or too nervous to speak up. Knowing your rights when pulled over can actually help you with your speeding tickets.

What your local rights during a traffic stop are going to be a bit different than someone else’s from a different jurisdiction. All have subtle differences to what the officers can and can not do. Some allow the officers to search the inside of the car without a warrant while others do not. It’s best to look up your local laws and find out what your rights are for you and your vehicle.

There are some rights that are universal for traffic stops like speeding tickets. One that’s important is that you do not have to incriminate yourself. This means that you don’t have to tell the officer what you were doing or what you were doing that was wrong. If they ask you why you were speeding, for example, you really don’t have to answer this question because in doing so you are admitting guilt. If you admit guilt, even in the form of an excuse, you can lose your court case because of this.

If the officer is asking a series of “fishing” questions, he or she may in fact be attempting to get you to admit to something. You don’t have to answer all these questions especially if it seems the officer doesn’t really have a point. You can as politely and courteously as possible ask the officer why he or she decided to pull you over.

If for some reason the cop infringes on one of your rights, this can be used in your court defense. Any information or evidence that is obtained in violation of your rights can’t be used in court at all. Knowing these rights can help you with your speeding ticket defense greatly.