Mistakes on Speeding Tickets – Does This Help Your Speeding Ticket Case?

Mistakes on Speeding Tickets – Does This Help Your Speeding Ticket Case?

When you get pulled over for speeding and get a ticket, sometimes you may find there are errors on the speeding ticket. Do these mistakes mean you are exempt in some way? What mistakes count and which ones don’t?

There is a myth that goes around that any incorrect information on a speeding ticket means the ticket must be thrown out. The examples given are that even if something like the color of your car is wrong or your name misspelled you will always get out of the ticket. At one time in certain areas this may have been true, but these little mistakes don’t matter to the courts anymore.

One thing that matters is the officer’s signature. If you don’t have a signature on the ticket, then it can’t be used as a sworn affidavit in court. The odds of this happening are minimal.

Normally the officer will right down the right street where you were pulled over. Sometimes they may not. If they do write down the wrong one, check what the speed limit is on the street according to the ticket. You may get lucky and realize the wrong street had a higher speed limit than you were cited for going.

The speed might be wrong on your ticket. Of course if you were speeding you disagree, but the speed may be different than what the officer said due to a transposition of numbers.

Sometimes you are cited with the wrong charge. You may be given a ticket for a different type of speeding than you were going. An example is one man who got a ticket for speeding but the citation was about speeding too fast in icy conditions when there was no ice. It’s embarrassing to the officer, but you can’t be charged with something you clearly didn’t do. This is why understanding your charged with is important.

If any of these errors on the ticket, explain the mistake then ask the judge for a dismissal.