Motorcycle Accidents May Result in Serious Injuries

In 1997, there were 2,116 but these statics became much higher in the late 2000’s. Motorcycle deaths have literally doubled in the last nine years and these accidents made up 15% of these collisions. Ever since the early 2000’s, someone has died every year. There are over 4,000 people that die every year from motorcycle accidents. Motorcycle accidents are 26 times deadlier that plain motor vehicle collisions. The operators of plain motorcycle types were much less that those like the new sports models and speeding was one of the main reasons for the deaths according to statistics.

In the event of a motorcycle accident, there is more than an 80% chance of actual death or injury than that of a motor vehicle crash. Head-on collisions make up more than 75% of these crashes. Moreover, these collisions were when other vehicles crossed over into the other lane but did not spot the motorcycle in time before the crash. There are always problems when a cyclist has to negotiate a curve when actually looking at the crash statistics and more than 60% of these crashes occurred at night. 10% of these injuries were to the cyclist’s genital region due to the motorcycle’s gas tank and this is actually if the cyclist survives the crash. 93% of these crashes were from motorcycles that had two wheels instead of three.

Motorcycle Accident and Injury Types

Improvements to motor vehicles have decreased accidents a great deal. This is basically due to the new headrests that have been placed in the newer vehicles. These new headrests decrease whiplash and other back and neck injuries. The Collision Avoidance System is another hope for motorists that can decrease injuries while traveling on the road. According to statistics, a rear-ending occurs on the United States road ways every 17 seconds. Achieving optimum braking between the rear and front wheels is just one of the difficulties that a cyclist may face while they are in a state of panic.

There has been a lot of scrutiny regarding the specific design elements in the shape of the motorcycle’s gas tank. The reason is that the gas tank can cause pelvic or urogenital trauma if the cyclist is involved in a collision of some kind. Sometimes the brake lights may not work either and this fails to notify other drivers that the rider will be stopping. The motorcycle handlebars could actually castrate the males in a collision. The handlebars can also cause major spine damage for the rider as well. When these types of injuries occur, it is crucial that you call a motorcycle accident lawyer everett wa immediately so that they can investigate the crash and have the motorcycle parts analyzed to see if the manufacture may be at fault.

Serious Injuries that are Non-fatal

Quadriplegia is a non-fatal injury that may occur when riding a motorcycle. When a motorcycle crashes it can cause paralysis in the rider. Motorcycle accidents, along with automotive collisions, are one of the main reasons for spinal cord injuries. Some cyclists may actually survive the motorcycle collision but they can have their upper and lower limbs amputated due to the accident.