Preparing For Speeding Ticket Court – Paperwork That Should Be Questioned During the Trial

Preparing For Speeding Ticket Court – Paperwork That Should Be Questioned During the Trial

When you go to court to try to beat a speeding ticket, you should have a prepared defense that is your main argument. Regardless of what your defense is or what your arguments are, there are some strategies that can be used in almost every speeding ticket case due to the nature of the rules and laws based on speeding tickets and how cops pull you over.

Officers have to rely upon equipment to determine your speed and to pull you over. Technically the readings on this equipment are hearsay. The officer themselves are not clocking your speed based on their experiences and perception. The machine is the one doing the reading. This machine’s “opinion” is hearsay unless there is proper paperwork brought to the court by the officer.

Regardless of what type of measurement unit they are using to determine speed, this unit must be calibrated from time to time. Certain jurisdictions might have a frequent calibration time or a rather infrequent one. Calibration still be proven in court. This is normally done by the officer bringing paperwork showing that their unit of measurement is reliable and certified. This makes the reading no longer hearsay. You can ask for and question the paperwork as a strategy.

Another unit of measurement is the cop’s speedometer. Some jurisdictions like it when the officer gets a speed reading from the speedometer as well by pacing you after seeing that you are speeding on their radar unit. This allows them to get two sources of evidence making their case stronger. But their speedometer must be calibrated and certified with this same paperwork.

Some jurisdictions also require a certain number of training hours to properly use the equipment or a certain number of hours per year that needs to be done to continue to be certified with class hours.

You may have to look up in your local area to see what certifications and paperwork is required in your area, but every area will have some paperwork. This can be a backup strategy to your main defense. Because if this paperwork is not there or it’s not up to date, the readings the officer brings to court should not be admissible. You can ask the judge if your ticket can then be dismissed because there isn’t a case.