Save Money While Fighting Traffic Tickets – Strategies for Winning

Save Money While Fighting Traffic Tickets – Strategies for Winning

If you are doing a lot of highway driving, you may have noticed that speeds have increased lately in general. People seem to be in a hurry I suppose, and it reflects in their driving habits unfortunately. The problem is, if you get caught up in the high speed driving too you may get pulled over for a speeding ticket or moving violation of some kind. Here are some ways to avoid that, and save some money too.

Luckily there are ways to avoid getting a speeding ticket in the first place, and this can save you not only money from the ticket itself, but also a possible increase in your insurance rates as well when they find out about it. The most obvious thing of course is to not go with the flow of traffic even if everyone else is speeding, but we all know that is hard to do. After all if traffic on the highway is traveling around 70 mph, and you go only 55 mph, it feels as if you are driving a horse and buggy! You don’t however have to go quite as fast, say maybe only 65 instead of 70 mph. This way if a traffic cop or highway patrol officer with radar is ahead you won’t be in the lead and your odds of getting stopped are very slim.

Ok, so what if you aren’t a model of self-control, and somehow manage to get pulled over? It happens to everyone sooner or later, and is never a pleasant experience. There are ways to make your situation a little better, and perhaps get off with a warning if you play your cards right. Let’s examine the best behavior that will most likely get you out of a traffic ticket.

For starters, if you get pulled over turn off the radio. If you have it blasting out your favorite song, it may perturb the office since he will have to speak louder to be heard. Also, it’s a sign of respect to let him know you are taking this seriously! You are, aren’t you? Good. The second thing to do is keep your hands on the wheel, don’t be turning around searching your car for your license and registration, at least not yet. He may get the idea you are retrieving a weapon – remember, he doesn’t know you are nice person, like you do. He could think you are a real criminal, no matter what kind of car you are driving! So be cool, relax, take a few deep breaths.

This is the time to be as courteous as possible, have you ever heard the expression you catch more flies with honey than vinegar? Basically you have to realize that a cop is human too, and he will react to your demeanor whether it’s positive or negative. So if the first words out of your mouth are “why the h#@l did you pull me over, I wasn’t speeding?” you may invite problems. So be nice, if he asks for your license give it to him. I have had situations where a police office pulled me over just to point out a broken tail light, and never gave me a citation for it. Don’t assume he is going to ticket you! You may be pleasantly surprised and go off with just a warning.

In conclusion, you may get caught speeding sooner or later but if you keep these hints in mind, you should avoid getting a ticket and having to drive to court to fight a speeding ticket. Be smart and save money on speeding tickets!