Should You Hire A Speeding Ticket Lawyer?

Should You Hire A Speeding Ticket Lawyer?

You might have a distressing need to hire a speeding ticket lawyer based on your irregular and irresponsible behavior while driving. But even then, after paying your lawyer’s extortionate fee, you might still end up losing the case. In this situation, you would not be able to demand a refund from your lawyer if he fails to beat your speeding ticket.

No sensible lawyer will ever give an assurance that your ticket would be dissolved. It is almost like giving up thousands of dollars for a purpose that might not even be fulfilled in the end. A number of people end up wasting their energy, financial resources and time in this without getting any benefit at all.

You will never find a speeding ticket lawyer who has specialized in traffic court cases let alone speeding cases. Granted, that they do exist but their quantity is much less then what you would perceive. The major reason behind this is that there is no monetary benefit in this field of law. A speeding ticket lawyer would hardly earn hundreds of dollar whereas criminal and other lawyers earn in thousands. A speeding ticket lawyer can hardly make $200-$1000 whereas in other fields of law, $1000 is just the starting fee a new lawyer charges to his clients.

In majority of the cases, your lawyer fails to get you a legal dismissal. The only thing that is in their power, is to plea bargain and get your fine or sentence reduced a little. That lawyer you are seriously considering of hiring hasn’t been in the court more than 3 times. Would you still go ahead with that decision of yours? This means you will have to pay the lawyer his fee, the court charges and still get no substantial reduction in your fine. It is plain ridiculous right?

I would simply suggest you to steer clear from all these lawyers with some exceptions. If your offence is severe and has the possibility of landing you in jail or getting your license cancelled then it is advisable to go for speeding ticket lawyer otherwise you can simply avoid it. Majority of these lawyers have no clue about the loopholes in technology or traffic rules, manipulation of some evidence into merely an assumption, or even full knowledge of the traffic rules that can be applicable to your case.

Almost always, a lawyer will go to courts to plea bargain with the prosecutor, not to get your ticket dismissed. Almost all prosecutors are inclined to develop an understanding with you. When you can do this yourself, why pay the sky-high rates of lawyers who do nothing commendable to even save you from this hassle. In fact, for the most part, your lawyer would not bother to even make an effort to disprove the available evidence against you.

Hence, I would suggest you, do not go for any speeding ticket lawyer as long as you have no desperate need to. It can be a last option, but not an alternative you consider whenever you get a speeding ticket.