Should You Pay Off Your Traffic Ticket?

Should You Pay Off Your Traffic Ticket?

There comes a time when even cautious drivers get a traffic ticket. Most often when they get a ticket their minds are swimming with a slue of questions. For example: Will the ticket affect the company car? Can my license be suspended? Will the company be affected? Should I notify the insurance carrier and will my personal auto insurance be affected? Considering these concerns as well as others appear to have the simple solution of just paying off the ticket, however paying the ticket off may not be in your best interest. It’s always best to get legal advice from an experienced attorney who can help you save time, money and grief.

Most often when you involve an attorney he’s going to need to know what’s on your diving record. This because the more violations on your driving record, the harder it’s going to be for to prevent, a conviction, DMV/Insurance points and/or your license suspended. In this case what your driving record reveals is very important. Basically, when you’re cited for a traffic violation, it’s always best whenever possible to avoid having a moving violation added to your driving record. Consider the following when determining if paying off the ticket is best.

Your driving record is more than a record. Aside from an attorney considering what your pass driving record shows, he/she will also make allowances for other drivers on your auto insurance policy as well as drivers in the household. In many cases your attorney can suggest “at fault collisions” in terms of other drivers in the house even if they have no citations listed. In this case when discerning if paying the ticket off is best consider the family and their impact on the situation.

Driving school is not always the answer. Depending on the type of violation there’s the chance you could be eligible for driving school. But before you run out and sign up for the first driving school program or class, make sure to consider the financial price you and your driving record will pay. As with the case of “Internet traffic school”, which can be a waste of time and money plus limit your driving school options, if your district court does not recognized the program as acceptable.

Out of state tickets can be a Headache. Remember states exchange information regularly. In this case do not pay off out of state citations without understanding the possible consequences of this action. One reason is because certain states can suspend your licenses for up to a year for speeding tickets over 75 miles per hour. Plus these tickets are not always reported to the DMV timely. In this case it would behoove you to treat any notice of suspension from the DMV with urgency. Not to mention some states consider a suspension as a revocation which can be more damaging.

Think about the Outcome. Considering the consequences of taking any action regarding a traffic citation should be first. This means upon receipt of a ticket you should consult with an attorney for legal advice. Always makes sure you consider the cost to work with an attorney verse the cost of paying off the ticket in either case you can obtain free legal counsel that may be cheaper in the long run.