Some Basic Guidelines That Can Help You in Fighting a Speeding Ticket

Some Basic Guidelines That Can Help You in Fighting a Speeding Ticket

The absolutely vital point is when the officer tells you to stop and asks you, “Do you know why I stopped you?” With this question, the officer is trying to make you admit your guilt. If you say, “Yes, I was speeding,” then you have invited your doom right then and there. The officer will smugly give you the yellow piece of paper that no one wants and be done with it. Under no circumstances, directly or indirectly, must you admit that you were speeding. The answer that would get you full marks for the above question would be, “No, I don’t.”

That’s all you should say. Do not be too defensive about it. Do not try to argue with the officer. Do not give a lame excuse that the officer might have heard about 500 times in his career on the road so far. It is best to remain quiet.

Remember that the officer does not require to tell you that you have the right to stay silent, because he is not arresting you. But, you do have this right and you must exercise it to the fullest. If you open your mouth, anything you say can be admissible in the court.

The key is to remain as innocuous as you can. Of course, it helps if you are not driving a flashy red car or a car with a broken taillight or a car with a seedy license plate. The officers are looking for such cars in particular and when they find such cars, they feel tempted to stop them for some reason or the other. If your car has any reason to raise a traffic officer’s heckles, then it is most prudent to get those things corrected right away.

When you get the ticket, just take it and move away. But, before that, you should make a note of every conceivable detail of the area. The main things you have to note are:-

The distance between the violation and the point where you stopped your car,

The weather conditions,

The condition of the traffic (were the other cars speeding as well?),

The nature of the road,

The presence or absence of proper signage on the road,

What the officer was doing (was he talking over the radio?),

The clothes you were wearing,

The passengers in your car, if any (tell them to be absolutely quiet during the apprehension),

The date/time/exact place and other details.


All these things will help you when you are fighting your speeding ticket. Do not worry, the odds are against the officer. If you present your case well, there is no reason why your record should be wiped clean of the speeding ticket. That’s the best you can do anyway.