Speeding Fines – Your Fines Could Be Invalid!

Speeding Fines – Your Fines Could Be Invalid!

Have you paid an invalid traffic fine lately, and did not even know it? Yes, invalid speeding tickets do exist. When you consider that the majority of all South African motorists have received speeding fines, some more than others, you tend to get the bigger picture of the type of income revenue stream the Metro police and the municipalities are generating. There are over 5 million vehicles on our roads, just in Johannesburg alone.

The legality of valid traffic fines issued are in question when you consider all the operational and procedures required by law for the traffic authorities to adhere to when speed trapping. The reality is that thousands of fines have flaws on them which are unnoticed by most motorists.

How do you know that you are 100% guilty of any offense? How can the authorities be so sure either? There are so many technicalities that need to be considered and addressed for a speeding fine to be valid. Many of the regulations and law stipulated by the director of public prosecutors is not checked or sometimes overlooked. The image photo processing companies employed by the Metro Police often make mistakes and often send out invalid infringement notices unintentionally.

What is an Invalid Speeding Fine?

Have you ever received a infringement notice (AARTO 03)with the following:

> Image photo without target cross hairs on your vehicle?

> Picture showing you changing lanes committing an offence?

> Pictures only showing a portion of your vehicle?

These are just a few examples of traffic tickets that would not be admissible in court, and would be deemed invalid and to use for prosecution. Most motorists are unaware of the typical problems that can be found on speeding fines, that they could dispute and get their speeding fines cancelled legally. Most of us just pay up and dont even consider that there are legal alternatives.

Get informed, join forums and blogs and get up todate with you local laws on infringement notices and summonses. Watch the news media and news papers for more detail on current affairs.