Speeding Ticket Defense – 3 Excuses That Don’t Work

Speeding Ticket Defense – 3 Excuses That Don’t Work

If you’ve ever been pulled over for speeding I’m sure you begin thinking of excuses long before you pulled to the curb. While a good speeding ticket defense is worth it’s weight in gold, here are three excuses best not to try the next time you get pulled over. And the end of this article I share one way you can get out of a speeding ticket, enjoy!

Don’t Try These Three Excuses

Excuse #1

“I was just going with the flow of traffic” – yeah, but you’re the one who got busted. The cop cares little about how unfair it is that you were the one chosen to be pulled over for speeding. The officer had their pick and they picked you.

Excuse #2

“Your radar must be wrong”, or “My speedometer must be wrong”. Any excuse that claims a piece of electronics is the reason for your speeding will most likely fall on deaf ears. The chances of their radar being wrong is slim, and the cop knows your speedometer probably works just fine. Excuses like these make you look like you are going on the offensive, or will lie about anything to get out of the ticket – not the way to go.

Excuse #3

“You only pulled me over because I’m from out of state”. Think about this one. You flew by the cop going 80 mph, he got you on radar, pulled out behind you, finally caught up to you, and then when he saw you were from out of state decided to turn the lights on you. Does that make sense to you? It won’t to the police officer either.

Now that we covered what not to do, here’s some information on how to actually get out of your next ticket.