Speeding Ticket Defense – Knowing the Rules

Speeding Ticket Defense – Knowing the Rules

Anyone that’s ever gotten a speeding ticket knows how it can affect your wallet. Besides the ticket itself you’ll probably have elevated insurance premiums as a bonus. The next time it happens you’ll want to know if there is a speeding ticket defense to work with.

If you are pulled over for speeding, rule number one is stay calm. Running your mouth and showing attitude will only make it worse. Police officers write tickets all the time so the more you can remain anonymous the more it will benefit you later.

Without doubt the officer will ask you if you know why you were pulled over. This is where you say, “no, I don’t.” The thing to remember is do not admit anything. He will advise you that you were speeding. You have the right to remain silent so use it. Let him ask the questions. When they ask for license, registration, etc, give it to them and be quiet. If he starts writing a ticket, be quiet.

Some people advise that if you sign the ticket you admit that you were wrong. Not true. Signing only acknowledges that you are receiving a citation. These same legal geniuses will also tell you that a ticket can be torn up. Not true. Once pen hits paper they are obligated to finish writing the ticket. That is the rule for departments. While they are writing the ticket here is where you homework starts. Make a mental note of the time of day, road conditions, visibility, brightness of the sun, etc. You will want to write this down as soon as you get down the road.

Do not wait by the road and start writing. You might as well post a sign that says “I’m fighting this and I’ll see you in court.” Remember: remain anonymous. There is a very good chance that the officer will not appear in court. This is when all of your notes will come in handy. You will build your defense, and the officer won’t be there to contest it.

Speeding ticket defense is not difficult as long as you don’t get emotional. If you lose it, you might as well hand over your wallet.