Speeding Ticket Fines and Their Affect on Auto Insurance Rates

Speeding Ticket Fines and Their Affect on Auto Insurance Rates

Speeding ticket fines will vary from state to state, and are generally based on how much over the speed limit a person was driving at the time he or she was pulled over and ticketed. The fines imposed on a person by the local government however, may not be the end of the money troubles a speeding ticket can bring.

Depending on the severity of the speeding incident, an insurance company has the right to hike up their rate because of the increased risk the driver poses. In some cases, the insurance company may even decide to drop coverage on the driver all together. How can drivers avoid speeding ticket fines and keep their money in their pockets? Here are a few tips to help.

Request a Driving Record from the Local DMV

Check to make sure the information on this record is accurate. If not, take the necessary steps to correct it. If the information is accurate, consider what speeding ticket fines could do. If one more infraction could send you to the big house, you have even more incentive to avoid that lead foot.

Call the Insurance Company

Call the insurance company to find out what a speeding ticket fine or infraction could do to your rate. If your driving record is relatively clean, you may be able to skip this tidbit, but if not, we highly recommend it as another motivator to help you avoid speeding ticket fines.

Keep the Car in Good Shape

Police will prey more on those cars they see with broken tail lights, brake lights that are out, or a headlight out. Spend a few dollars here and there to replace cracked covers with tape, replace your bulbs, and ensure your car is in good shape. Though it may seem like a hassle now, not sticking out to the cops or giving them an additional reason to watch you will save you money in the long run. Better yet, inspect your car for broken or bad lights before you even leave–so you can take care of the problems immediately.

Consider the Kind of Car Driven

If you’re driving a bright red car, or a sports car, you are going to stick out to the cops more. Cars they know go fast, or cars they can easily see will generally be the brunt of more pull overs. Stay low key with something small, white or similar in color, and common–such as a Camry.

Stay in the Right Lane and Keep with the General Pace of Traffic

You don’t want to do anything that will make you stick out like a sore thumb. If you don’t want to speed along with everyone else to keep up with the pace of traffic, stick to the right lane.

Keep Eyes Open and Watch

Look ahead and watch your rear-view. Look for spots where the cops can be hiding and make sure you’re obeying the speed limit at all times. When a professional truck driver slows down, follow his lead because he has plenty of experience with this.