Speeding Ticket Law – Why Knowing the Law Can Help You Get Out of a Ticket

Speeding Ticket Law – Why Knowing the Law Can Help You Get Out of a Ticket

Speeding ticket laws vary from state to state and even vary in local jurisdictions. If you are looking to fight a speeding ticket in court, it’s important to be aware of what your local laws are.

When you get a speeding ticket you need to study the points that have to be proven in order to find you guilty. Research at your local DMV or online at your city, county, or state website to find documents that describe what makes up the infraction.

What are some aspects of speeding ticket law to be aware of?

First is that one can challenge the method by which you were pulled over. Many times an officer will use a radar gun. Some jurisdictions require that gun to best tested every so many months. This is a point to bring up in court because a radar gun that hasn’t been certified to be working will be thrown out in court.

Some places do not allow an officer to pace behind you to judge your speed. This involves the officer following behind you and using their own speedometer to give you a ticket. Some places do allow pacing but again the speedometer has to be checked every few months for accuracy.

In some areas, no matter what type of arguments you bring up there is no way of getting out of something like a construction zone ticket or school zone ticket. It’s best to find out this before trying to prepare a defense in vain.

On your own vehicle in some jurisdictions a faulty speedometer on your own vehicle can sometimes drop your ticket all together if you can prove after a test it wasn’t working. You may get a reduced fine, a faulty vehicle ticket which will be cheaper, or might get the ticket dropped all together.