Speeding Ticket Woes and Advice

Speeding Ticket Woes and Advice

A speeding ticket is an issued citation that is given to a motorist for going above or, in some cases, below the recommended speed in the area.


There are many problems that can arise from a speeding ticket if it is not dealt with properly. In some states, the accumulation of these can mean demerits from a point system that the Department of Motor Vehicles keeps track of. Points against the driver’s license will mean suspension of said license and other possible legal consequences. There are a certain number of points that are equivalent to penalties that the Department of Motor Vehicles will implement on the driver. Two or more offenses within a 12-month period will mean a suspension just like repetitive convictions of going too fast. It is not just the Department of Motor Vehicles that will keep track of the offenses that a specific individual has, but also the insurance companies will. In most states in the US, insurance companies will raise the amount of money that an individual needs to pay for his or her automobile if he or she has had one too many brushes with the law, particularly with traffic infractions. For every point incurred, there will be an increase in the rates that are paid by the person.


Avoiding a speeding ticket does not necessarily mean going faster or avoiding the authorities. It just means having a good reason for the excessive or reduced speed that is not acceptable in the zone that he or she is in. Not getting one can also mean abiding with the law and the speed that has been stated for that zone. In this day and age, there are so many different ways that the authorities can keep track of the rate of speed that a car may be going in a particular zone. This means sticking to the rules in order not to break them or incur the ire of the local authorities. The authorities will accept some reasons why a person may have exceeded the limit that has been set for a particular zone. Some of the reasons are emergencies, giving way to ambulances and automobiles that are related to emergencies and avoiding an accident or would be accident. Many officers will likely issue a warning for those who have reasons for incurring a speeding ticket, especially after they have heard or seen the reason for the infraction.

Avoiding the ticket altogether is much better than getting one and fighting it in the court of law. Police officers are often very thorough when it comes to presenting evidence for cases that they have brought up in court.