Talk Your Way Out of a Speeding Ticket

Talk Your Way Out of a Speeding Ticket

You’re running late for work and put your foot to the floor. Before you can do anything about it, you spot the squad car. What do you do between your first sighting of those flashing lights and the officer arriving at your window? Calm yourself and gather your identification.

Have your license, registration and insurance card handy and your window open when the officer approaches your car. A friendly demeanor will help set the stage for a calm, reasonably pleasant transaction. Even if you only exceeded the speed limit by a few miles an hour, don’t let your sense of injustice interfere with getting out of a traffic ticket.

If you’re a woman, don’t be tempted to flirt or – even worse – cry. Cops have seen it all, and a few tears or batted eyelashes won’t sway most cops. And if you do flirt your way out of a traffic ticket, you might get an unwanted phone number request.

Although it may not do any good, a legitimate reason for putting the pedal to the metal at least makes for an honest, reasonable argument against a traffic ticket. However, being in jeopardy of getting fired for perpetual tardiness probably won’t garner much sympathy. After all, the officer probably managed to make it to work on time!

Explain any legitimate reasons for speeding. An accident that tied up traffic for half an hour might improve your chances of getting out of a traffic ticket. Of course, the officer either knows about existing conditions, or can check on them. Lying will only make things worse.

Whatever your reason for speeding, don’t make it about you. Make it clear that you were speeding so you wouldn’t waste your co-workers’ time (or other patients at the doctor’s office, etc.). And don’t waste the officer’s time. He or she will appreciate it if you keep it brief and to the point.

If you were pulled over for cutting off someone in traffic, pulling out in front of a car, or a similarly goofy move, admit your stupidity and apologize. While a sob story might gain sympathy from your friends, it won’t help you get out of a traffic ticket.

Most importantly, never lose your cool. Cops deal with all kinds of people, and can sense hostility from a mile away. Being respectful, reasonable and brief will significantly boost your chances of avoiding a traffic ticket.