The Best Path to a Successful Speeding Ticket Defense

The Best Path to a Successful Speeding Ticket Defense

Have you ever wondered what the best speeding ticket defense would be? There’s a ton of products out there that claim to give you the little-known facts about those pesky court dates and how to do it yourself.

What if you had legal representation? What if you had your own lawyer that would do all the leg work for you and even be there to represent you? No worries about remembering the right cases to quote, or rules to invoke. Just you and your lawyer standing opposite an officer. Let me tell you a quick story…

Several months ago, I was pulled over for what the officer at the time referred to as “speeding”. I’m a pretty honest guy and tend to take responsibility for my actions. It’s how I was raised and I have always stayed true to my up-bringing. On this particular evening, I was in a town where the police were known for being a bit on the harsh side, when it comes to traffic violations, so I had kept that in mind as I traversed the town on my way through. I had taken this shortcut a thousand times as a teen and now adult. It’s always been quicker to get home. I’m sure you know similar routes in your life that are the same way.

The officer asked me if I knew how fast I was going and I told him I was doing the speed limit. He smiled and chuckled, as if I had told him a joke and informed me I was going 6 miles over the limit. I apologized and reiterated to him that I really didn’t believe I had been going that fast. He went back, checked my information and sent me on my way with a traffic violation ticket for $70.00.

I was frustrated and angry, but knew that I was right. The next day I called my lawyer’s office and told them what had happened. They took my information and told me they would take care of it. When I asked them if I needed to be at the court date, they told me yes, but only to state my side of the story. I met my lawyer at the courthouse, we spent 15 minutes in front of the judge and in the end, I had no more ticket, and no points against my license. I didn’t have to study anything, know any rules or regulations, or look up any prior legal cases. I simply showed up. The best part is that I had just received a legal service that would normally cost someone hundreds of dollars for a $70.00 speeding ticket at no cost.