The Best Ways to Avoid Speeding Tickets

The Best Ways to Avoid Speeding Tickets

So, you want to learn how to avoid getting a speeding ticket and you decided that the best way to learn thins was to go search the internet for an answer. OK, you may have done just the right thing because over the course of these five hundred or so words we will discuss the five best ways to keep from getting yourself a traffic citation for speeding. Let us get right into it then.

Obviously, the best way to avoid a speeding ticket is to go the speed limit. This can be harder said than done. Many times you will get a speeding ticket just because you weren’t paying attention in the first place. But if you must go faster than the speed limit, try staying within 5 to 10 mph of the flowing traffic. Most cops will pick out the irregular driver amidst all the traffic. Staying 5 to 10 mph from the speed limit is a pretty safe bet.

Stay out of the fast lane. It is called the fast lane for a reason, and typically police are looking for cars in that lane. Only use it for passing situations, otherwise stay in the middle lanes so as to not be the target. Along with this you should always stay in the middle of the traffic pack to increase your chances of getting overlooked. If you are leading the pack you are the first person the police officer will radar when driving into a speed trap. You also don’t want to be at the back of the pack either, it makes you easier to pull over. If you are in the middle it is highly unlikely that you will be picked out by the officer.

Keep your eyes peeled for officer hideouts. These are typically cut outs on the median strip or highway openings with lots of bushes and foliage. These are likely to be speed traps where an officer will sit and wait. Monitor your speed when coming up to these places to better your chances of a ticketless ride.

Find someone on the road that is driving the speed you would like to and follow them a few car lengths back. These cars are called “Blockers” or “Jack Rabbits”. Usually if there is a cop he will radar the leading car and not you. Also if you stay far enough back you will be able to see if the car ahead suddenly brakes, which is a good indication that there is probably a cop ahead. That way you have time to adjust your speed before you get to that spot.

Last of all, locate and buy a radar scanner. In some states this isn’t a legal course of action, in which case you probably should just skip this step. These scanners can be somewhat expensive but if you are frequently going well over the speed limit it could be a worthwhile investment and pay itself off in the long run.