Time Tested Advice on How to Fight Speeding Tickets

Time Tested Advice on How to Fight Speeding Tickets

Have you been pulled over and received a speeding ticket? Then rest assured there are ways you can fight speeding tickets, without a lawyer.

One thing you could do is file a discovery request with the prosecutor to acquire any documents relating to your case. These documents could include things such as the calibration records of the radar or speedometer of the car that clocked your speed. You would want to do this in advance of your traffic court date so you would have time to go through them for inaccuracies. But the possible downside of this is reminding the officer who gave you the ticket to show up in traffic court.

One thing that can help you fight speeding tickets is to know that devices that measure your cars speed such as radar and laser detectors can be subject to human error. Traffic tickets have been dismissed in some instances because the ticketing officer failed to document proper positioning of the speed detecting instrument.

Everybody has heard of cases of all kinds being dismissed because of a technicality. And this does happen. Certain things have to be done correctly for a traffic violation to be valid. If for instance the officers badge number or signature is illegible you may a valid point to have your speeding ticket dismissed.

Make sure to give a brief and concise argument of your side of the case if you go to traffic court to fight traffic violations. The traffic court judge or magistrate has a very small amount of time to spend on each single ticket. If something blocked you from seeing a traffic sign and as a result you received a ticket then have a photo of that to help bolster your case.

Officers rarely have a good reason for missing traffic court. If you go to court to fight your ticket and the officer isn’t there and the court asks for a continuance you should respectfully object. This is an example of winning your case by default and it happens more often than you might think.

Car insurance rates can be raised for a long time after having speeding ticket points go against your driving record. Obviously the best way to avoid having to fight speeding tickets in the first place is to not get one at all. But eventually there might come a day when you need to face traffic court head on. Do your research and come out a winner.