Understanding Speeding Ticket Fines – The Fees Do Add Up

Understanding Speeding Ticket Fines – The Fees Do Add Up

If you get a speeding ticket, there is quite a bit more to pay than just the cost of that offense. It’s not a simple matter of paying that fine and moving on as there are some other costs involved in the process.

Besides the fee you pay for the ticket, you will also have to pay court costs. In some areas these are cheap around $15 or so but some places charge quite a bit more as it’s a method of raising revenue for the cost of the court.

About five states in America have what’s called a “speeding tax”. That’s not the official name but it’s an additional fee that is added to the costs on top of the price of the ticket for repeat offenders. A repeat offense could be anything that adds to the points on your license.

The final cost if latent but real and that is the additional costs to your insurance. Over a three year period the additional costs to insurance many times will cost more than the price of the ticket making this one of the largest fines.

You do have the option of fighting the ticket in court. Many think that they will be penalized for doing this, but you are innocent until proven guilty. The worst you lose is some of your time as you attempt to fight the ticket.

If you enter a plea of not-guilty, you can be found guilty but you still have a fighting chance to get rid of the ticket. There are a variety of strategies to fight a ticket in court. Every jurisdiction has different rules but generally fighting the conditions, the visibility of a speed limit sign, and the accuracy or credibility of the unit of measurement like the radar gun are very common defenses to use in traffic court.