What Can You Do If the Officer Does Not Show You the Radar Gun Reading?

What Can You Do If the Officer Does Not Show You the Radar Gun Reading?

Many times when pulled over for speeding, the speed which you think you were going and the speed that the officer tells you that you were going are different. It seems pretty normal to ask the officer to see the reading because you aren’t quite sure it sounds right. The officer in most cases will refuse to show you.

First of all, in very few places is the officer actually required to show you the reading at all. While you may or may not like this, that’s what the law says for most jurisdictions. Without seeing the reading, you may be skeptical of the results.

You could try and get the law changed in your area, but that won’t effect the ticket that you already have. You do have some options if you feel the reading from the radar is wrong.

The best strategy is to take the ticket to court and to challenge the radar gun’s accuracy itself. These type of devices are required to be calibrated every few months. The reason is that it needs to be professionally checked to allow the readings to be used in court. Much of the time this is the only evidence that shows your car was going over the speed limit.

If the officer has not updated the unit recently, regardless if it works or not, the ticket will be thrown out because there is no case against you. If you choose to take this defense, it’s a good idea to not call ahead and ask questions about calibration. This will tip off the officer or prosecutor that you will be bringing this up in court giving them time to get the proper paperwork together against your case.