What to Do When Getting Pulled Over For Speeding

What to Do When Getting Pulled Over For Speeding

When you are being pulled over by a police officer, there are some things that you should do and a few that you should not. People remember negative situations more than positive one. The concept is that the more safe you make the officer feel, the less the officer will remember if you choose to take this speeding ticket to court.

If you see the officer’s lights flashing behind you, pull over as quickly as possible but be in a safe position. Make sure the officer can get out of the car safely without problems and come up to you.

When the officer approaches, don’t be digging around your glove box looking for your papers. Many officers are trained to assume that someone doing this is reaching for a gun. Make sure you hands are on the wheel even if you don’t have your registration, insurance, and license together. For those who are messy it might be a good idea to have the box cleaned out so this can be done quickly.

There are two things you don’t want to do with the officer. First of all, don’t admit to guilt. If the officer asks why you were pulled over, politely let the officer tell you as opposed to admitting it. If you do admit what you did wrong, this will be used in court and you will most likely lose.

The second thing is to not fight with the officer. If they said you were going 15 miles per hour more than you were, it’s not worth getting into a screaming match over. The officer will remember who you are and remember the details when pulling you over in court.

The more calm and collected you are, the less there is to remember which gives you a better chance of winning. If the speeds are incorrect that you were measures, there are better ways of winning and getting the speeding ticket dismissed than to get angry when pulled over.