Why You Should Challenge and Not Pay Speeding Tickets

Why You Should Challenge and Not Pay Speeding Tickets

Most of us will end up with a speeding ticket or two sometime in our driving career on the road. For most people this is just a financial inconvenience as they will pay speeding tickets and move on. But there are other options like challenging the ticket in court.

Most of the time a speeding ticket is not challenge in court so these tickets are paid full price. The big problem with this isn’t the fine and the court costs. The big problem is that your auto insurance rates will go up and you will earn points against your license meaning that you are just one step closer to it being suspended. These effects can last up to seven years after the ticket.

Although it might seem intimidating, challenging the speeding ticket in court is to your advantage. In most jurisdictions people win more often than they lose when challenging the ticket. Even when they don’t win at getting the ticket completely dismissed, there are other options like lowered fines and traffic school classes that can be put in their place.

The key to winning in court is to have a strong speeding ticket defense. There are quite a few that work most of the time. For example the speed limit sign might be blocked by a tree or was painted over by vandalism. Take a picture of this and bring it to court. Sometimes the officer loses line of sight of your vehicle and pulls you over a few miles down the road. That can be challenged. In many jurisdictions there is paperwork that you can challenge in court that the officer must have with them and up to date.

Using these strategies in court can increase your chances of winning. Most courts don’t expect you to be knowledgeable on solid defenses, so it’s advantageous to come to court ready to win.