Winning Solutions to Fighting Traffic Tickets in Court

Winning Solutions to Fighting Traffic Tickets in Court

This time of year the traffic is busy, the streets are full, and the speeding cops are also out in full force. Nobody thinks they will be the one to be pulled over, but sometimes you are just in the wrong place at the wrong time and get a speeding ticket. Can you fight it? Here are some winning solutions to do just that.

Most people that get traffic tickets are for the most part scared that they will get points against their license, and have no recourse but to pay the ticket and suffer in silence. However, they don’t realize they have one thing in their advantage, that is the law is pretty much set in stone, and if there is even one legal loop-hole that can exonerate them, it is mandatory the judge must find them not guilty. So to start off you must know the specific law you have supposedly broken and get the facts right away, then search for that one detail that will allow you to be found not guilty.

In most states you have the right to a timely trial, and many say within 45 days. Right away the traffic court itself is at a disadvantage, since they are normally so booked up that it’s tough for them to even schedule most traffic cases before that time period. Simply check to see what the law is in your state, then check to see if your court date is within that guideline. If not, don’t say a word! Just wait for your trial date to come and calmly inform the judge that your trial was not within the specified guidelines, and you will be dismissed of the charge in most cases.

You also have the right to face your accuser and challenge the charges directly, which means that the traffic cop that pulled you over normally must appear in court to support the charges and give his side of the story, and state the facts that he wrote to give you the citation. In a few cases this is not likely to happen, as many officers count on the case not going to trial and don’t appear in court. If he does not show up, again your case will be dropped. Even if he shows up though, you will be ready to fight the charges! Always have a backup plan in place, just to be sure.

There are many other simple techniques to fighting traffic tickets, and if you know the laws and pay attention to the details of your case it is much easier than you think to escape a traffic ticket.